8 Flea Facts for Pet Owners

If your pet has fleas, what are you going to do about it? Don’t expect these pests to simply get bored and make their way to another pet. Instead, they’ll continue to frustrate your pet, affect his health in a negative way, and infest your home. It is important that you pick up the phone to call a professional to schedule flea removal connecticut if you think that your pet has fleas but wait until after you’ve treated the pet. Although there are OTC products to treat fleas, most won’t work as well as the professional strength products.

In the meantime, here are eight flea facts that you might like to know.

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1.    If you ever suspected that you are bitten by a flea, you probably were. They prefer animals but will settle for a human, too.

2.    Fleas are some of the world’s best jumpers and can leap ranges of up to 20-ft. In s single jump.

3.    Fleas can live in many different places in the home, such as in the carpet, sofa, beds, and other areas.

4.    Flea collars and other treatment options can help you rid the pest from your dog or cat. But, you should also take him or her to the veterinarian just to be safe. Remember that regular flea treatment is important.

5.    Fleas don’t need to eat regularly. In fact they may go up to a year without eating.

6.    It doesn’t take long for a flea infestation to occur. A female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs in a single day! That is more than 20,000 fleas in a matter of just 8 weeks’ time.

7.    Do you own an indoor-only pet? Many pet owners think their pet is out of the flea danger but this simply isn’t true. Fleas affect inside pets too.

8.    Fleas can carry disease that can sometimes be passed to humans. This  facts creates  even more reason to treat a problem with fleas at the first indication of trouble