Cocky Facts: Fun Cockroaches Facts

Most people have seen a cockroach before, whether in their home, outside on the ground, or elsewhere. They know that a cockroach is dirty and that is potentially carries disease. But, there is a lot of information about cockroaches that isn’t such common knowledge that you might like to know. Read below to learn a few important facts about cockroaches.

·    See cockroaches in the house? Where there is one roach, there is another, and another, and probably another. You shouldn’t wait to hire a professional to exterminate roaches lancaster pa if you see them in the house.

·    A cockroach can survive for as long as one week without its head! It has an open circulatory system that lets them breathe through segments within their body!

·    Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40-minutes. Maye this is one of the reasons that many of them don’t respond to pest control products.

·    It doesn’t take long for a cockroach to spread germs around the house. They have a speed of up to three miles per hour.

·    It takes a cockroach as little as 36 days to mature into an adult once it is born.

·    There are several different species of cockroaches.

·    American Cockroaches, one of the most common found in Lancaster, is attracted to the smell of beer.

·    Some cockroaches have wings and can fly. They vary in size from about ½” in diameter to more than 2 ½” in length.

·    Cockroaches have been around for more than 280 million years, so experts believe.

·    Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects. They can live outside and can survive in freezing temperatures.

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With this information about cockroaches, you probably understand even better why you do not want to endure an infestation in your home. Keep the place clean and tidy to reduce the risks and by all means, call the pros if you suspect a problem.